About Us


Welcome to Kismet Accessories, where friendship and a drive for quality craftsmanship and inclusivity converge. We are Ashley and Olivia, two friends whose journey began in a small retail store, where we spent years working side by side. It is there by chance that we came across a poncho, advertised as a multi-way  “one size fits all” accessory. At first we were excited to find such a versatile and demonstrable product to sell. However our enthusiasm quickly turned to disappointment as we noticed how untrue the “one size fits all” description was. The design and stitching made the garment ill fitting on curvier or plus size bodies as well as made it impossible to use in multiple ways. During our breaks, we experimented with the poncho, removing the stitching to enhance its flexibility. Despite our efforts we couldn’t achieve the quality we desired. THe truth was clear: these mass-produced, cheaply made pieces were inherently flawed. 


Drawing from sewing lessons we had both taken earlier in life, as well as the expertise of Olivia’s aunt who was seamstress. We decided to start from scratch and come up with our own design! Thus Kismet Accessories was born from our shared vision to create a high quality, versatile accessory that truly catered to women of all shapes and sizes. This all took place pre-pandemic, and we began to retail our ponchos in our very own shop that we opened in Stratford, ON. In 2019 we also were accepted into the Thredz Show in Toronto! Unfortunately in 2020 with the on-going pandemic we made the tough choice to close up our brick and mortar shop. After taking a pause, we decided to re-open our shop online and to give it our all to rebuild our brand and business. At Kismet Accessories, our mission is to create size-inclusive accessories that empower women to feel beautiful, comfortable, and supported in their own bodies, fostering a community of inclusivity, body positivity, and quality craftsmanship. As we continue to grow, we remain dedicated to these core values that shape our brand. Join us as we embrace the beauty of diversity, celebrate the power of self-love and body positivity! Welcome to our world of style, comfort and empowerment! 


With Love, 


Ashley and Olivia Co-Founders of Kismet Accessories