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Kismet is proud to source all of our products ethically and are handmade. Our ponchos are also designed to be released in small batches with new designs every year.

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Express your personal style and choose from a variety of fun & playful prints

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We carry numerous styles of accessories, from rings, to necklaces to even earrings.

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  • The PERFECT Vacation Piece

    "I recently went on a trip and fell in love with this poncho instantly. I love how you can style it soooo many different ways and they had so many color options too" - Sarah.B

  • Stunning Quality & Design

    "I treated myself to their sterling silver necklaces and I think this might be the best purchase I've made all year" - Katrina.W

  • Definitely Not My Last Purchase

    "Time and time again, I've bought from Kismet and I don't think there's been something I'm more excited about to receive in the mail. Thank you so much for my amazing jewellery and poncho. The BEST combo" - Kelly.J

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